Rainbow Death Rocket


Rainbow Death Rocket is almost a one-man-band. Almost, but not quite. RDR started ina small Ohio town just outside of Pittsburgh, PA. A dude named Q had always wanted tobe a songwriter but didn’t know how to sing or play any instruments. He simply loved towrite lyrics. He had spent his life writing “songs,” that were only songs in his headbecause they had no music or melodies. In reality, they were just poems that Q hopedwould be put to music someday. They were emotional, heartfelt, soul-bearing poems,but poems nonetheless.

He tried collaborating with musicians over the years and helped write some cool songswith some very talented people. Q had the opportunity to spend a lot of time in studioswatching the recording process and he learned a ton about how to build a song. Butthose songs still weren’t His. Finally, at the unusually advanced age of 35, with thesupport of his amazing wife and life partner Brandi, Q decided to pick up a guitar andgive it a go. Learning to play and write music at 35 was daunting to say the least, but hekept plugging away.The music came to him eventually, and the experience in recording helped get solidideas down right away. Within a few weeks songs were taking shape. Q was able to laydown guitars, drums, bass and keyboard, but sadly, he still couldn’t sing worth a damn!For a few years he recorded music while trying tofind someone to sing, someone thatcould put their heart and soul into Q’s weird, emotional, sometimes personal, alwayshonest lyrics.

Through a lot of trial and error, new collaborations and years of searching, Q eventuallyfound the perfect voice. A young man named Adam brought Q’s songs to life andRainbow Death Rocket was born. Q began churning out songs at a fevered pace andthis laid the groundwork for band’s 2020 debut album, Crazysane.About Crazysane, Divide and Conquer Music proclaims, “Qbalances themes of life andlove in this rollicking record that displays jaunts of wild freedom only true rock n’ roll canmanifest. With anthemic guitars, high-energy vocals and fast drums, Rainbow DeathRocket definitely knows how to rock out.


Any rock enthusiast should check them out!”2022 will bring their second album, A Thousand Words. Thefirst single, Dead Man’sBlood, was released on July 1st, 2022. About Dead Man’s Blood, Andre AvanessianfromRadioAirPlay.comsays, “The riffs are big, the performances are even bigger, andthe hooks are seriously catchy…”Crazysane and Dead Man’s Blood are available for streaming through all the majorservices, and Crazysane is also available on CD through Amazon


A Thousand Words
12 Tracks | 1970
10 Tracks | 1970