Rainbow Death Rocket is the alias of songwriter/guitarist Q. Q has played with many musicians in the past, but nothing worked out the way he wanted them to. It wasn’t until his girlfriend (now wife) got him Rocksmith on Playstation that things began to come together. Soon, Q had the technical side nailed down tight. He spent the past nine years writing, recording, playing in a cover band and further developing his sound. Crazysane is the results of his tireless efforts.

Simply put, the debut album from Rainbow Death Rocket plays hard and fast rock n’ roll. The man behind the band plays all the instruments himself from the guitars, bass, keys and drums, with help from Adam B. with lead vocals, Michael Minor on backing vocals and Brandi Barker also on backing vocals. Together, their sound is certainly an adrenaline rush.

Crazysane opens up with the robust “I Hate Everything.” The track uncoils with high-energized vocals and revving guitars. This is a fun-loving song that is a blast to listen to. The jaunty rhythms are fast-paced and will get you moving in no time. More powerful guitars rev in the forefront on “Paralyzed.” The sound is explosive with layers of gritty vocals and hypnotizing rhythms. “Just Believe” paves the way for a metal-induced sound. The vibes are heavy and aggressive with Adams shouting out the lyrics with feeling and gusto. I liked how the background vocals played into the sonic layers.

Adam conjures an Ozzy Osbourne vibe with “Dying Inside.” I liked that his vocal delivery was very theatrical and dramatic here. This is something I could get lost in. The wailing guitars on “Snakebite” and “Ain’t That A Shame” add more bite to the album. The operatic “Visions” is sweeping with epic riffs and driven vocals. The music is urgent, demanding and dramatic and will take you higher with its elevating rhythms. The album aptly closes with the slow burning ballad “Without You.”

​Like the album moniker, the record displays two extremes. On one end is the feeling of being “cornered and out of options and filled with despair.” On the flip side, is a sense of hopefulness – that everything will be alright. Life is filled with ups and downs and Q captures these moments with his musical intuitiveness. Q balances themes of life and love in this rollicking record that displays jaunts of wild freedom only true rock n’ roll can manifest. With anthemic guitars, high-energy vocals and fast drums, Rainbow Death Rocket definitely knows how to rock out. Any rock enthusiast should check them out!

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